Welcome to HS Design. We are a unique User Driven Product Development Firm specializing in industrial design, engineering, user interface, prototyping and high technology design.

HS Design combines the needs of our clients' end users, marketing and manufacturing experts to create a customized and focused solution. Our team combines creative form and function, prototyping and validation until we are confident the design is ready for production.

For over 40 years, HS Design has specialized as a medical design and life science product design firm with an extensive understanding of the ethics and a focus in the regulatory nature of the industry. Our teamwork, experience, usability testing and innovation leads to accelerated time to market and increased results. Over the years HSD has expanded new product development into medical device design, packaging design, consumer products, commercial design, and national security programs.

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Let us take your creative product from idea to design reality. Get in touch with HS Design today. A New Jersey new product development design firm.

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