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For over 40 years, HSD has been integrating insight, experience, and innovation with user needs & client core competencies to develop products that improve the human experience.

“HSD’s team is exceptional to work with. Our relationship spans over 10 years, during which HSD has helped us develop many successful and award-winning products. The designers and engineers understand our users and are truly passionate about our products.”

Douglas Canfield

President, Canfield Scientific, Inc.


Thought Leadership

Michael Quinn talks about Six Sigma Design

Michael Quinn talks about Six Sigma Design

Six Sigma means different things to different people, depending on where they are in the product development life cycle. It'll mean something very different at the start of a program versus at the end of a program when a product reaches the manufacturing phase. Six...

What are Human Factors

What are Human Factors

 10 years ago, while human factors were important in consumer products, they were not necessarily a common point of emphasis in the design of a product or medical device. In layman's terms, a company or person could create something that was utterly uncomfortable,...

I have a prototype. It Works! Now What?

I have a prototype. It Works! Now What?

For a product development firm to engage with a start-up group, they could come in at any stage really. How they’re engaged depends on the goals of the companies that come in. For startups specifically, it could mean that they need help taking their idea or their...

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