INDUSTRY: Medical + Health

HSD EXPERTISE: Industrial Design, UX & UI Design, Prototyping

CLIENT: HSD Ventures


Inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vi-TRACTM is a reusable, smart device that can interact with different virus test kits allowing for fast and reliable virus results from any location. Vi-TRACTM looks to the future of virus testing and aims to keep essential infrastructure and the economy open during COVID-19 and future pandemics. HS Design is actively developing the Vi-TRACTM concept via its HSD Ventures department and hopes to be able to apply the concept across current and future viruses.

Your Personal Pandemic E-Ticket

By using Vi-TRACTM users can take a sample, receive results, and then share those results with third parties to allow for safe admittance and interaction. Having virus test results at one’s fingertips opens doors for travel, business, medical, personal interactions, and more. Simply share the time stamped, negative test result screen on the connected Vi-TRACTM app prior to entering an airport, hospital, jobsite, or even a coffee shop. The result screen contains a data matrix and acts as your personal pandemic e-ticket to anywhere.

Clear Instructions and Additional Aid

The Vi-TRACTM app walks users through how to take a sample accurately and safely with the device. Each step has clear images and concise instructions to allow for easy and safe use.

To use, simply swab one’s nose and re-insert the swab component into the device. A safety cap protects the test activation button. Remove the cap and press down on the button to puncture a blister and begin sample processing. A positive or negative result is shown via a LED ring on the device and a time-stamped result page is sent to the app for sharing. In addition, the app provides links to helpful sources about the tested virus and aid if the result is positive.

Interchangeable Test Kits

The advantage of Vi-TRACTM is the reusable electronic portion that can interface with multiple different virus test kits. This gives Vi-TRACTM a versatility in use and provides benefits beyond a single virus. A user could carry the reusable Vi-TRACTM component on their person and be able to take any virus test at any time.