State of the Art Monitoring


INDUSTRY: Medical + Health, Government, Consumer

HSD EXPERTISE: Industrial Design, Engineering, Prototyping

CLIENT:Smart Start

ORBIS™ is a revolutionary new product that redefines the landscape of alcohol and offender monitoring devices. It combines the most advanced transdermal alcohol and GPS monitoring technology in a single, attractive, wrist-wearable device. Aiming to eliminate the stigma associated with its traditional ankle monitoring competitors, ORBIS™ gives remorseful offenders and everyday individuals a chance to recover from past mistakes. Whether assigned by authorities, or willingly worn, ORBIS™ provides accurate and real-time monitoring results that consistently outperforms the competitors.

Redefining a Product Category

ORBIS™ is the first alcohol, GPS, and vitals monitoring device with the goal of aiding rehabilitation and empowering individuals to return to their daily lives and a positive societal role. All other competitors and their designs target extreme offender cases, focusing solely on anti-tampering and utilizing their monitors as a form of punishment meant to hinder individuals. By reflecting consumer smartwatch forms, materials, and design cues, ORBIS™ provides a solution aimed at aiding and supporting individuals looking to improve their lives and move past their mistakes.

Cutting Edge Alcohol Sensing

ORBIS™ continuously monitors for alcohol consumption by using a newly designed transdermal sensor that can detect the concentration of alcohol through ethanol vapor present in a user’s perspiration when drinking. This new and patent pending technological approach to transdermal alcohol monitoring has consistently outperformed existing devices and tracks closely to Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), which is considered the gold standard for measuring alcohol consumption, all while being housed in the smallest, most discreet design on the market.

ORBIS™ houses cellular technology that makes results available in real-time. It utilizes a number of security features that can discourage and help prevent tampering. If a user is required to wear ORBIS™, the watch is permanently fixed to the user via its locking ratchet strap band. ORBIS™ is tightened against the user’s skin to ensure a proper seal for accurate alcohol sensor readings, and all assembly screws and components are on the underside to prevent user access.

From Law Enforcement to Consumer Markets

ORBIS™ supports wellness features including heart rate, steps, and incoming messages that can be used as appointment reminders or accolades of sobriety. By reflecting the current smartwatch landscape in form and design and housing cutting edge sensing technology, ORBIS™ opens doors to many new markets from consumer to workplace, that otherwise reject the competition.