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HSD works as a partner to emerging MedTech companies. Our exceptional problem-solving makes us the perfect growth partner to entrepreneurs in the healthcare and medical field. We utilize our core competencies and 40+ years of experience to bring your new technology or idea to life.

Start-up organizations can access the only dedicated Medtech Lifecycle Excellence (MLE) Platform, Greenlight Guru, with a focus geared to get your quality system properly established from the start of product development. Our Start-Up mission is simple: improve the quality of life by helping medical device startups, companies, and manufacturers get to market faster with less risk. After going through our program, you own all files and IP to keep you on track to bring your product to market faster.

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How We Help

User Centered Support. HSD educates and mentors entrepreneurs during their growth and development process. We share our expertise, capabilities, and network with promising new businesses through creative collaboration. We help our clients execute their business plan, identify opportunities, decipher challenges, and build the technology required to launch their new product. We offer resources for program acceleration to meet funding milestones, guidance on the shifting regulatory landscape, and a comprehensive understanding of medical and healthcare device commercialization.

Lean Methodologies. HSD utilizes an accelerated process when working with entrepreneurs. We believe it is vital to understand problems early, iterate fast, and plan smart. When planning the beginning phases of the project, we follow the Lean Startup methodology.

Customized Team & HSD Partners. Creative collaboration is the key to successful new technology development. Our multidisciplinary team works closely to understand the verification process of new technology and ultimately to define how the final product will be delivered to the users. Our partners have access to best in class expertise, technologies, and practices throughout the life of their project.

Our team of engineers, designers, developers, and program managers have experience with:

  • Digital/mobile health development
  • FDA Verification and Validation processes
  • User requirements definition, Human Factors, and usability
  • inputs
  • New technology development and assessment

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