About HSD

40 years of experience developing products which improve the human experience

We believe the future is based on teamwork across many disciplines and collaboration with multiple industries. We deliver innovative results through our unique ability to partner in development and combine creativity with end users’ needs and manufacturing implementation. HS Design offers a variety of services specifically aimed at aligning user needs to new ideas and technology to bring them to market quickly.

HSD’s human-centered product design approach combines researchers, human factors engineers, designers, engineers, marketing and manufacturing experts to create a team specifically tailored to an individual client’s needs. Our team combines upfront contextual research, human factor testing, and conceptualization to understand and validate user needs. From there, we design, engineer, prototype, and test until we’re confident the design is ready for introduction and meets regulatory requirements. This process has helped create over 400 successful products in our 40 year history.


HSD’s headquarters is just 45 minutes from New York City, located in a rural, equestrian New Jersey setting. The location, for almost 40 years, came from the strong medical and pharma-based corridor located in Central NJ. Fortune 100s continue to thrive in this location, including Pfizer, Merck, JNJ, Janssen, Ethicon, and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics among others. Additionally, Tri-State, New England, and Mid Atlantic startup institutes make this area perfect soil for innovative medtechs to grow.

HSD’s newest office, located in Cincinnati, offers strong clinical connections throughout the entire state of Ohio.  This includes proximity to our partner Mayfield Surgical Innovation Center with 1500 SF of surgical testing and training laboratory space and access to a comprehensive ambulatory surgery center.  This office is networked with several hospital systems in the Ohio/Northern Kentucky region for close collaborations in medical device development.


We build a lot of things, and a great place to work is one of them. At HSD we believe the best ideas are products of a positive environment – combining hard work, collaboration, good food, and of course a lot of fun! Each member of the HSD family offers a unique perspective, skill set, and personality, creating a diverse atmosphere to think, play, and grow.

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