Drug Management System

IDEA Finalist 2021


INDUSTRY: Medical + Health

HSD EXPERTISE: Industrial Design, UX & UI Design, Engineering, Human Factors Engineering and Prototyping

International Design Excellence Award Finalist: Click here
CLIENT: Berkshire Biomedical

The COPA System is a revolutionary virtual care and prescription drug management system designed to become the standard-of-care in personalized medication delivery and adherence monitoring capability. The COPA System combines a mobile-enabled, hand-held drug delivery device for liquid oral medications with a cloud-hosted, HIPPA compliant data management platform, designed to treat and monitor patients virtually – at the point-of-care, wherever that may be. The COPA device features dual personalized biometric authorization controls (fingerprint and dental recognition) to confirm the Intended User before delivering precision dosing using proven dispensing components.


A pharmacist easily configures the COPA device to recognize the patient’s prescription and communicate with the data platform for tracking. A unique identifier inside a tamper-proof, patented Smart Cap atop the medication bottle, allows the COPA device to match the prescription with the Intended User. To access a dose, the user places their thumb on the fingerprint sensor and inserts the COPA mouthpiece into their mouth. Immediately after the identity is quickly confirmed, the medication is dispensed gently through the mouthpiece onto the tongue of the Intended User.

Clear Instructions and Additional Aid

COPA reminds patients to take their medication, tracks dosage events in real-time, and ensures the Intended User receives their medication. Given high levels of medication non-adherence, a device that communicates dosage event information accurately and in real-time greatly benefits physicians, patients, and pharmacists.   It can measure and dispense accurate medication volumes at only the prescribed times and to only the Intended User, eliminating human dosing errors. In addition, the COPA device’s connection to the data management system tracks when and how often a patient takes medication, providing the physician with a history of medication adherence to better evaluate the patient’s use and progress.