HS Design is very excited to share that SentiAR recently won the 2020 IDEA for Design Interaction. SentiAR is a 3D augmented reality platform that projects real-time holographic images of a patient’s anatomy. Driven by a head-mounted display, SentiAR transforms both the patient’s and clinician’s experience with electrophysiology interventional procedures. The SentiAR system is used as an adjunct product to assist the clinician in the visualization of the heart anatomy during cardiac mapping and ablation procedures. The holographic visualization that appears to be floating over the patient is fully controllable through hands-free gaze-controlled operation by the clinician. SentiAR increases the rate of success of cardiac ablation procedures and transforms the user experience in surgical environments. HS Design worked with SentiAR on both the Interaction Design and Human Factors, leading to the first AR device cleared by the FDA. Learn more about the product here.