Silver IDEA Award 2020 Silver Edision 2021 award

SentiAR Wearable Command Center

SentiAR partnered with HS Design to develop a 3D augmented reality platform featuring real-time holographic visualization of a patient’s anatomy during electrophysiology interventional procedures. The SentiAR system is intended to be used as an adjunct product to assist the clinician in visualization of the heart anatomy during cardiac mapping and ablation procedures. Images are imported from an EAMS (electroanatomic mapping system) and displayed through the SentiAR system. The system includes proprietary software that is loaded on a Data Manager PC and the Head Mounted Display (HMD, Microsoft HoloLens). The HMD enables users to have meaningful interactions with patient specific 3D cardiac models and electrical maps that are presented in a mixed reality environment. In addition, the system displays a real-time representation of catheter locations based on electro-anatomic mapping and uses shared models to allow for collaboration.

The SentiAR system can be fully controlled through the user’s gaze allowing the user to interact with the system while simultaneously performing important procedural tasks with their hands. This gaze-controlled user experience is an ergonomic breakthrough for interventional procedures. HSD helped SentiAR to pioneer and develop the user interface and interaction within this realm of intra-procedural sight-controlled operation.

You can find more information on SentiAR here.