We collaborated with Applied Tech Products to design and manufacture the Xtensor, a therapeutic conditioning device by Clinically Fit Inc. Xtensor applies resistance when a user opens his or her hands and allows a natural range of motion while stimulating the extensor muscles, tendons, and finger joints, connecting upper-extremity disorders.

The Xtensor weighs only five ounces and can be used on either hand. It is meant to provide rehabilitation from corrective surgery or trauma, but it can also be used to prevent repetitive-stress injuries or tendonitis. The device comprises an easy to use wrist wrap and pain support, with adjustable finger bands. The bands are made from a custom-blended thermoplastic elastomer with up to 700 percent elasticity. These bands are conically shaped and are formed into three sizes. To maintain resistance, the conical shape prevents the bands from slipping down the figures, and the three sizes are designed to accommodate almost any hand, regardless of gender, weight, age, or vocation.