Walk Easy

Innovative Neurotronics: Walkaide® – Bi-Flex Cuff

WalkAide® is a revolutionary consumer medical device that helps improve the walking ability of people living with drop foot. Approved by FDA Marketing Clearance, the Bi-Flex Cuff uses electrical stimulation to ease the paralyzed muscles involved with lifting the front part of the foot.


HS Design was approached to design and develop a cuff that consistently replaced itself to the same location on the leg. The priority of the design was to ensure that the electrode makes contact with the peroneal nerve. The consistency of placement must be compliant with the user removing and reapplying the cuff at home. The cuff was also designed to be flexible to conform to different leg shapes by co-molding a rigid and soft side in the form. Users often have paralysis in one hand or arm as part of their condition, requiring the cuff to dawn and doff with one hand.