SeLux Diagnostics Next Generation Phenotyping Platform

HSD is assisting SeLux Diagnostics in the development of a Next Generation Phenotyping (NGP) platform, a breakthrough innovation in antimicrobial susceptibility testing that will transform the treatment of infectious disease by fast-tracking targeted patient therapies within 24 hours.

HSD’s engineering and industrial design team is working in conjunction with the Selux Diagnostics team to successfully translate Selux’s technology and processes into multiple user-friendly lab diagnostic equipment. Working closely with the Selux engineering team, the HSD engineering, design, and human factors teams have been able to quickly design and prototype system architectures that would optimize usability while prioritizing the internal processes. Design details ranging from user workflows to valve and pump interactions have been explored and optimized to create the ideal platforms.

Tasked with creating multiple diagnostics equipment to fulfill the testing processes, the HSD team created a visual and physical design language that united the platform under a single Selux Diagnostics brand. Each piece of lab equipment shares a visual language as well as common usability and interaction touchpoints. This ensures that a user can easily move from one piece of equipment to the next without being hindered by unfamiliar or contrasting interactions.

In addition to the engineering and industrial design, HSD is creating the user interface that accompanies the equipment. The UX/UI team has developed and optimized an interface workflow that condenses the complex processes occurring inside the equipment and between the systems to digestible infographics and to alerts that the users can easily understand. HSD has created an information hierarchy that provides the user with multiple levels of usability.

Throughout HSD’s collaboration with SeLux Diagnostics, SeLux has been able to win multiple grants and investments to further the development of the platform and perform clinical trials needed to gain FDA clearance.