IMT/NuComm Connect Live™

HSD assisted IMT in the development of the new Connect Live™ device. The Connect Live™ is a camera mountable 2-GHz microLite HD wireless transmitter, designed to serve the needs of both domestic and international broadcasting band requirements within a single unit. The Connect Live™ is a state of the art device that combines high quality COFDM wireless camera technology, bonded cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite technology, to produce the most versatile live news wireless camera system. The system is equipped with a 5-inch high-resolution touch LCD monitor, designed to mount on a camera.


HS Design worked collaboratively with NuComm to develop the Innovative system to meet FCC constraints, while remaining optimized for rugged environments. The collaborative teams included those experienced in industrial design, brand identity, mechanical engineering and material and manufacturing selection.


Connect Live™ received the TV Technology Europe STAR award in 2012. The STAR Award (Superior Technology Award Recipient) is designed to celebrate and showcase the preeminent technological innovations available to the broadcast industry.