Immunicon CellTracks

HS Design partnered with Immunicon Corporation to assist in the development of a revolutionary diagnostic platform, based on the immuno-magnetic selection and fluorescence characterization of rare cells in blood.


HSD worked closely with Immunicon’s engineering, research, and marketing teams, helping to design and develop a series of products that create an intuitive user interface as well as an exciting design language that is distinguishable and expandable for future product growth. The CellTracks analyzer II is a semiautomated fluorescence microscope used to count and characterize fluorescently labeled cells that are immunomagnetically selected and aligned. It is used with the CellTracks AutoPrep system and specific reagent kits. The CellTracks AutoPrep system is used with immunomagnetic reagents that capture target cells, and labeling reagents that differentiate them. The first application is based on isolation and characterization of rare circulating tumor cells. Both the, Immunicon CellTracks Analyzer II and the CellTracks AutoPrep received separate Medical Design Excellence Award in 2004 and 2006.