A different approach to headache & migraine


The first target indications are migraine and headaches. More than 80 million Americans, and 2.4 billion people worldwide, suffer from frequently recurring tension headaches, migraines, or TMJ pain. Unfortunately, most of the current pharmacologic treatment options for these debilitating conditions are only modestly effective and can have negative side effects.

BioTrak Health’s product platform, Halo, is a new mobile digital health & therapeutic system that has been shown to help treat these painful conditions in multiple pilot studies. Halo provides biofeedback-assisted relaxation training which has been clinically proven to be equally or more effective than drugs for treating tension headaches, migraines, and TMJ pain, but without any of the negative side effects. Until now, this therapy has only been available in a psychologist’s office, which unfortunately those not needing traditional counseling may find expensive and inconvenient.

HSD teamed with BioTrak on its first generation device released at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2016. The device gained multiple recognitions and a CES Innovation & Design Award.