Bios/Mesa Labs – ML-ONE


Bios/Mesa Labs ML-ONE™

HSD partnered with Bios to develop a new and easy to use automatic gas flow calibration device. The ML One™ is an all-in-one measurement instrument for use in a laboratory or transported on a cart for factory floor measurements. The goal of the program was to replace multiple existing products with one multi-sensing device aimed at a new market inspecting White LED manufacturing. Modifying the system architecture and working with select users, the team was able to create an innovative horizontal tube design format that allowed for a compact footprint and easy multiple pressures reading. Additionally the design eliminates the “dead piston time” for faster readings. Portability allows it to be used anywhere in the facility including the factory floor for measurements.

Design and Engineering worked collaboratively on the system to incorporate the brand identity, intuitive use and an economical manufacturing strategy.