BIOS Defender Gas Flow Calibrator

HSD partnered with Bios International to design a primary gas flow calibrator that serves as the next generation of their original DC-Lite. The Defender is a field-portable primary gas flow meter. Connecting this meter to a gas source allows for accurate measurement of gas flow, and if optioned, gas pressure and gas temperature. The Defender is focused on the industrial hygiene and environmental pollution monitoring industries for calibration of air sampling and pollution monitoring equipment.


HSD primarily focused on the design of the Defender, while attempting to reduce device footprint and create a more compact and intuitive system. The Defender combines a smooth exterior with over molded rubber sides for increased field ruggedness. Added features include a 30% reduction in weight, LCD/membrane graphical display, larger flow cell viewing window, improved internal valve design, and PC connectivity. The BIOS Defender conveys sophistication and functionality, joined together in one dynamic package.


In conjunction with the BIOS Definer, the Defender won an International Design Excellence Award in 2008