Axxis Biometrics Door Lock

HSD collaborated with Axxis Biometrics, a leader in biometric security systems, to complete the design and development of a series of biometric fingerprint deadbolt door locks. After research and consultation with thousands of US consumers, locksmiths, and security firms, the HSD team designed an efficient and technologically advanced solution that applies to both residential and commercial security needs. The deadbolt can recognize up to 30 individual fingerprints, eliminating the need for actual keys or complicated PIN codes. The unit is installed through the interior of the door as opposed to exterior mounting, further increasing security measures. The sliding weather cover triggers the sensor to power on automatically and prompts the deadbolt to re-engage. The lock is fully resistant to rain, snow, extreme temperature fluctuations, humidity, UV rays, and dust. The Axxis Biometrics BD1 biometric fingerprint deadbolt was awarded Design Honors for 2007 from the Consumer Electronics Show.