What is the state of medical device design going into 2021? Tor Alden, Principal of HS Design in Morristown, NJ joins host Justin Starbird to discuss as they open Season 2 of the hsDNA Podcast.

Tor shared that, having been been in consultancy for over 20 years, he thought he had seen it all. From corporate outsourcing trends, internalization, recessions, and booms, he had never saw a plague. Now he has! As he looked back on the year, Tor said, “The interesting thing beyond– if you take COVID out of this year, HSD really had a fantastic year, we have been busy, we’ve moved into our new building so we’ve got more space, and we won an IDEA, International Design Award as well.”

In Tor’s experience from the year, “the real learning curve was how do we (HSD Team) interact with that big Brady Bunch of screen in front of us? Just seeing, how do we get that collaborative-ness. We’ve done it, but I am fearful in the future for new employees that come on board, they don’t get that culture that you have, and you see… how does the industry as a whole or even us continue our HSD culture if we can’t get together and interact together?

“We’ve been spending a lot of time and effort and money on trying to do that virtually. Hopefully we’re successful, we hold (together) again. Pity if we can’t have more fun and now it’s a little bit tedious. I think the good news is everybody’s very caring about each other. Everybody’s taking care of each other.”

That is what has made HSD so successful this year, has been their ability to hold it together.

Listen as Tor walks us through what the rest of 2020 looks like and what to expect in 2021.