Siemens introduces the redesigned Vantage Analyzer. Simple, convenient testing is enabled by an intuitive color touch screen display. The operator loads the test cartridge which includes the patient sample onto the system and walks away. The system automatically performs the test procedure, stores the patient results and displays, prints and/or uploads patient results to the LIS/HIS

The analyzer leverages robust technology and delivers the proven performance of the DCA HbA1c and DCA Microalbumin/Creatinine tests highlighted in over 100 clinical articles. Provide the clinical confidence you and your patients deserve by adopting the DCA Vantage system, the analyzer used by three out of four physicians who perform HbA1c testing in their office. HSD assisted Siemens in the design and user experience of the DCA Vantage Analyzer, a point-of-care immunoassay analyzer for diabetes management.