HSD is proud to have supported Lincoln Advanced Technologies creating an entirely new category of a patented high-level respirator mask, RESPIRA™, specifically designed to be used by all critical infrastructure workers and their families during a naturally occurring epidemic or biological weapons attack.

A new generation of masks for protection at the hospital, in the field, at work, and at home.

RESPIRA™ is a reusable, lightweight, full-face respirator that filters out bacteria and viruses from respiration and prevents the wearer from infecting others. RESPIRA™ includes a drinking straw, telecommunications, and other desirable features for long term use.

RESPIRA™ was specifically designed to protect critical infrastructure workers and their families from respiratory based infectious diseases. These include either biological weapons and naturally occurring infectious diseases such as H1N1 Swine Flu, Avian Flu, Smallpox, and SARS.

Inhalation and exhalation are filtered by separate, replaceable cartridges. The mask body is reusable during the entire duration of a pandemic, up to 6 months. Filtration cartridges are disposable and replaced as needed. It is designed for extended wear because people must live and work under pandemic conditions for weeks or months at a time. RESPIRA™ is currently estimated to fit 80% of the American population. RESPIRA™ is intended to be used with or without pre-pandemic vaccines, antivirals, other personal protective equipment (PPE) and MILSPEC helmets.

“Masks represent the single most important non-pharmaceutical countermeasure for a respiratory based disease.”

Masks represent the single most important non-pharmaceutical countermeasure for respiratory based disease, but until RESPIRA™ there has been no new design in over 50 years. The protection efficacy of respirators has been well documented, but current masks were never designed for use by ordinary civilians during an epidemic and are only available in limited numbers for front line military and health care workers. No supplies currently exist for use by other critical infrastructure workers or their families. RESPIRA™ is intended to protect those workers and their families during a public health crisis.

RESPIRA™ is currently in a fully functioning prototype at Technological Readiness Level (TRL) 4. Full manufacture and distribution can be accomplished in 18 months or less. We are currently looking for funding to complete the development and manufacturing of this product and bring it to the market for the next pandemic event.

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