The VECTRA WB360, the world’s first 3D whole-body imaging solution, won a Gold Medical from the 2018 European Product Design Award. Designed for medical use, this innovative system images the entire skin surface in macro-quality resolution with a single capture. Integrated software allows clinicians to map, measure and track pigmented lesions and to record and monitor distributed skin diseases. Equipped with 92 carefully positioned cameras, the system produces a 3D image of the body, precisely replicating body shape and skin features. These images are an indispensable tool for dermatologists and plastic surgeons to assess a patient’s condition. For more information click here.

The Vectra WB 360 has previously won the 2017 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) Gold award for medical and scientific products sponsored by the Industrial Design Society of America. It also won honors in the 2017 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA)receiving the peoples choice and the Core77 Excellence Awards.