More medical devices are being connected than ever before, thanks in large part to the availability of cheaper and smaller hardware. This trend is powering revolutions in wearables, consumables and other categories. HWI’s VP of Electrical Engineering, David Halleck, was recently asked to be the keynote presenter to help viewers learn about the hardware powering this and the road to building such smart devices.
The Webinar was titled, CONNECTED EVERYTHING AND THE MINIATURIZATION OF HARDWARE, moderated by Duane Mancini, M. Sc. of Project Medtech.
Key Takeaways from the webinar included:
  • What are the technologies powering smart wearables and consumables?
  • How should regulatory considerations fit into a development strategy?
  • How does ‘design for excellence’ play a role in the design process for connected medical devices?
David Halleck “would like to thank Duane Mancini and the folks at Galen Data for the opportunity to discuss and share my lessons learned and achievements for user-centric development and commercialization of ever-shrinking medical devices. It’s exciting to be able to team up with Galen Data to offer complete solutions in the medical razor/razorblade/app market. Together, we truly can go further.” You can view the webinar HERE.