HSD is excited to be participating in the 2021 MOPI Symposium on June 15th, 2021 at 2:00pm EDT. Tor Alden, Global Design, Development & Human Factors Lead will be joining other panalest to discuss the transforming world of outsourced product design and development within the medtech world. As more medical device OEMs seek aid in their product development ventures, they rely on proven partners to work with them early in the process to iterate quickly to eliminate bad designs or unrealistic ideas. Considerations such as Design for Manufacturability, Human Factors, and applied Brand Identity will be discussed as well.

The virtual event consists of eight webinar sessions over four weeks—beginning June 15 and ending June 24 with two sessions each week. The content will also be archived and available on-demand for six months following the start of the event. To learn more and register for the event click here.