Is Your Use Related Risk Analysis Half Empty or Half Full?

Join HSD at the True Quality 2022 conference, a one-of-a-kind MedTech event focused on the theme of quality and designed specifically with emerging medical device companies in mind. Presented by Greenlight Guru, True Quality is coming to sunny San Diego for you to take quality to the next level at your organization. Mary Beth Previtera will host a talk on understanding the new requirements for Use Related Risk Analysis (URRA) and where it fits within your development program.

Whether you’re a CEO looking to grow faster or navigate a new market, or a young QA/RA professional learning to master and execute closed-loop traceability, there’s a seat at the table for you. Through educational sessions, intentional networking, and engaging activities the status quo of treating compliance as a checkbox activity will disappear and medical device leaders will emerge, connect, and gain inspiration.

The second-to-last thing you’d want is to miss out on making the most of your experience at True Quality 2022, June 6-8 in San Diego, CA. VIEW AGENDA

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