HSD’s VP of Design and Development, North America, Michael Quinn, will not only be in attendance, but also speaking about Device Design for drug delivery systems at the EuPFI conference this year in Glasgow, UK.

The European Paediatric Formulation Initiative (EuPFI) announces the 15th annual conference, #EuPFI2023, that will take place from 19th – 21st September in Glasgow. The EuPFI Conference is an event dedicated to formulating better medicines for children. It is aimed at creating a common platform for researchers, scientists, and students at the crossroads of drug development and paediatric considerations, to share ideas and innovations, and to facilitate fruitful discussions on recent innovations that will spur advancements in paediatric drug development. EuPFI 2023 will showcase the recent developments to improve the paediatric medicines landscape and make a positive difference towards addressing the unmet medical needs of children. This is the core focus of our conference.