The Dyno team is one of many at Danfoss, a global company with almost 42,000 employees. This Northern Colorado team performs a critical role in the testing of the electric motors produced by Danfoss.
Their knowledgeable test engineers put the motors through rigorous testing using software tools designed to prove out the motors’ performance and discover areas for improvement.
Gavin, Anthony, Ben, Jesse, Matt, Rebecca, and Tyler form the core of the Dyno team, and our team has had the pleasure of working with them to develop software to aid in their motor testing. The Fredrick team consisting of Michael, Deb, Huan, and Kyle have been working to create a testing tool that is faster and more versatile, as well as more adaptable, for the Dyno team’s testing. This effort will allow the Dyno team to handle the increasing amounts of testing needed as Danfoss continues to grow and support customers around the world, some of which are household names and dominant in international markets.
In addition to their collaboration on this project, all these team members share another thing in common – a fondness for ping pong! A casual conversation revealed this commonality, and the inevitable followed: a full-on, two-and-a-half hour tournament involving over a dozen team members across the two companies.
The Dyno team accepted Fredrick team’s invite to join them on-site for an afternoon of fun battle over the ping pong table. After a series of exciting matches where everyone played both their own teammates and the other company’s, Josh emerged as the champion.
For now, the trophy remains on Josh’s desk at the Fredrick office, but rumblings of a second reckoning have been on the rise, and it may find a new home ten minutes away at Danfoss’ office in Longmont, Colorado.
Our team thanks those from Danfoss who came to enjoy some fun and getting to know each other, and we are looking forward to a rematch soon!