The Only 3d dermatascope


INDUSTRY: Medical + Health
HSD EXPERTISE: Industrial Design, Engineering
CLIENT: Canfield Scientific


The proVEOS is the only dermatoscope that can capture 3D images of suspicious skin lesions, including melanoma and other serious conditions. The device contains the magnification and lighting control for surface and subsurface viewing by dermatologists. But unlike its predecessors, the proVEOS can capture 3D images, providing critical depth information and unrivaled 3D modeling to aid in accurately monitoring, documenting and analyzing skin lesions, all from a seamless, easy to use iPhone Pro attachment.

Design Process

While the internals are game-changing and highly complex, the intent was for the design and use of the proVEOS to be streamlined. The soft, cylindrical design is minimalistic in its features to reflect the medical environment while simultaneously not feeling out of place on a consumer iPhone or intimidating to patients.


Color ratio and part breakup were considered to ensure brand continuity and particular attention was paid to the plastic composition so that its feel reflected the high-quality values that the 3D image capturing internals provide.

Effortless User Interaction

A specially designed case allows the proVEOS to attach to multiple iPhone Pro models by magnetically snapping on and off as needed. The cones on the front of the proVEOS underwent the same design process to allow each attachment to be swapped with a simple magnet. Care and testing was done to ensure the magnetic attachment was both reliable enough to instill confidence in use but easy enough to take on and off without a second thought.


When designing the packaging for proVEOS, we prioritized elegance and luxury. Our choice of high-quality materials, minimalist aesthetics, and meticulous craftsmanship contribute to the perception of prestige and refinement. The opening experience was carefully curated to evoke anticipation and delight. As users unbox the product, they encounter a sense of sophistication—the tactile sensation of smooth surfaces and the subtle debossing on the lid. Our goal was to create an opening ritual that feels premium without overshadowing the device itself.