SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker

HSD worked with GlobalStar, Axonn Technologies, and MedPlast to create a unique product category for personal GPS devices. SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker allows users to easily notify family and friends of their location and status during outdoor adventures and expeditions by sending a message via email or SMS at the push of a button. If the need arises, SPOT can send the user’s GPS location to an international rescue coordination center. The GEOS International Emergency Response center will alert the appropriate local agencies and authorities that the user needs assistance.


HS Design’s involvement started in the concept phase and continued through engineering, detailed databases and liaison with offshore manufacturing. We delivered 1000 full working parts in less than six months time. These units underwent stringent environmental testing, including a three-meter drop and one-meter water test, all of which were passed.


The SPOT™ Satellite Messenger was awarded the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA®) 2008 Innovations Design and Engineering Award under the Personal Electronics category.