Product Analysis Offer

HSD Design and Engineering experts can assist you in strategies for taking your idea from concept to commercialization.

Put our 40 years of medical and life science experience to the test. The offer is simple: Download our Mutual NDA and schedule a meeting with our medical, life science, healthcare analysis team. From here we will take the time to understand your strategy and help make recommendations on the best way to fast-track your development program. We will create a, no cost, product development proposal that includes the team makeup, timeline, investment schedule including design strategy, proof of concepts through FDA/CE submissions.

The personalized analysis can include part or all of the following:

  • Design Strategy and IP assessment
  • Project management
  • Requirements Development
  • System Architectural design
  • Risk planning and hazard identification
  • Contextual Inquiry and User need analysis
  • Industrial Design
  • User Interface and Experience Design (UI/UX)
  • Human Factor Evaluation including formative, pre-validation and Summative Testing
  • Packaging and Delivery Systems
  • Mechanical and Software design and implementation
  • Verification & Validation

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