Today, we’re talking to Bobby Boyer, Director of Product Development for HSD, and talking about the process of strategy and planning. Over the years, the capabilities of HSD have certainly widened, and the scope is a little bit bigger than it has been, but in the true sense, not much has changed either. HSD is still very attentive to the details of the customer, what their needs are, and making sure to build the best product possible.


The HSD process for strategy and planning is applied to a range of customers. From startups, that have an idea, all the way to Fortune 100 companies that have already created the idea and are about to send it to manufacturing. The process is dependent on what the clients needs are.


Creating prototypes, getting the industrial design, mechanical engineering factors aspect, are all incorporated into that design. If customers need the backend, which goes into manufacturing, then HSD also provides a design for manufacturing, packaging options, design for packaging, and labeling.


Listen as Bobby walks host Justin Starbird through each element and collaboration. You are listening to “hsDNA.”