The Institute for Pediatric Innovation (IPI) recently collaborated with Pfizer in a historic opportunity to branch out into pediatric global health. Pfizer has developed a state-of-the-art solid multiparticulate (MP) drug reformulation technology. This technology addresses taste, storage, and other factors essential for safe, accurate, and adherent administration, making it ideal for administering medicines to children in low-resource settings.

IPI and Pfizer partnered in an open innovation challenge to solicit and support innovative ideas for a system consisting of a package and dispensing device that will be used to deliver oral solid MP-formulated medicines to children. A panel led by IPI composed of engineers, end users, and experts from the Gates Foundation, New England Pediatric Device Consortium, PATH, and Pfizer, reviewed submissions to decide which proposals would receive funding. Proposals were evaluated on four main criteria: dose accuracy, cost, end user ease of use, and cultural appropriateness. Pfizer offered up to $50,000 to the winner. The challenge attracted 25 submissions. The panel awarded $50,000 grants to two applicants.

HSD’s novel design features a proprietary collapsible bag in which to store the multiparticulates and a syringe for dosing. This novel system is was designed to be used similar to existing liquid oral syringes and vials, which minimizes the time required to learn to use the product properly. HSD has partnered with The Röchling Group; a global contract manufacturer specialized in drug’s delivery devices manufacturing, to fully develop the delivery system.

IPI will be working with HSD and The Röchling Group as they advance their concepts to working prototypes, which is expected to occur over the next 24 months.