For a product to be successful in today's marketplace, it needs to solve a problem and do it well. We know without a strategic core, the product will fail. What is the goal or purpose of this product? How does it help solve problems for the end user? Will it make a person's life easier? Does it add value and fit in with the environment in which it is working? Does the product look approachable and intuitive? How does a product make you feel? Is the aesthetics appropriate to its domain? Is it high tech, robust, efficient or sterile? Does the product's personality allow it to be approachable? This holistic approach from the intrinsic first impression to solving a fundamental task is what makes a good product great and leads to customer loyalty and market demand.

For over 40 years, HS Design has been integrating our insight, experience and innovation with user needs and client core competencies to develop products that produce a strategic advantage in the marketplace. Our combination of Research, Industrial Design and Engineering allows us to design for complex medical devices through fashion forward consumer products. Our implementation to manufacturing makes it a reality.

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